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Beer Tastes is a tool to help find you find beers that you will like based on beers you already know you like or just based on search criteria. It has a proprietary algorithm to match beer based on key attributes. This site has been customized for specific restaurants (and published on their menu) so that the results of the match are from the beers the restaurant has available.

Get Fit Starter is focused on empowering everyday people to have fit and active lives. Everyday people are busy people with real responsibilities - we are focused on making fitness simple, to the point, and easier to squeeze into our lifestyles. Unlike many fitness sites, we don't treat fitness as the destination. We are a minimal fitness website - everything we prescribe is focused on improving a very specific facet of your health and well-being.

This website is a tool for you to improve yourself and achieve success. We are a result of our actions so we've built a tool to help. Track your habits, develop good habits to support your goals, and achieve small, persistent results, which will sooner than you think achieve huge results.

Accept challenges is an Android app that presents you with challenges every day. Accomplish those challenges and you will get points and level up. All the challenges are focused at self improvement. Have fun while you push yourself to improve.

Custom Group Pages

Custom Group Pages hosts club and team sites including custom pages, spirit wear stores, event registration, fundraising, catalog, and more. We can host your domain, accept store payments, confirm communication receipt, and many more functions that let you concentrate on running your program without the administration of a website.

Beast Girls Lacrosse is both an elite club lacrosse program and youth league dedicated to improving players’ skills within a family atmosphere. The program was founded in order to provide Florida players a place to play with great coaches, great tournaments, great prices, and all within a welcoming family environment.

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